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staytough. fightHARD. Inc. is a grass roots non-profit organization. The organization was formed to join the campaign to “battle Lou Gehrig’s disease”, otherwise known as ALS.

The origin of staytough. fightHARD. is Bucknell University. Originally created as a surprise benefit by Timothy M. O’Neill Jr. and four fellow classmates; Nick Mauritz, Becky Fisher, Ellen Kurkowski, and Jon Hemmert. The benefit was a surprise for Timothy M. O’Neill Sr. who has been diagnosed with ALS. Upon the successful completion of the benefit, it was decided to expand staytough. fightHARD. into a non-profit organization for education, raising funds and assistance.

The mission of staytough. fightHARD. is:

  • Help educate the public about the devastating effects of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
  • Generate revenue to help in funding research centers with   developing therapies for PALS (people with ALS)
  • Assist, whenever possible, those with ALS or their families thru financial means

In an effort to educate the public, it is our hope to be invited to corporate campuses, college campuses, golf outings, business events, sporting events, beach party’s, pool party’s, any and all functions; to spread the word about Lou Gehrig’s disease. This will be accomplished thru reading materials and merchandise.

Our goal for generating revenue will be soliciting corporate and private donations, as well as selling merchandise, raffles, and games of chance.  If other opportunities arise, we will certainly entertain them.

Depending on the amount of revenue generated it will be our goal to have funds for assisting those that need it. This will be accomplished with financial help for mobility equipment, augmentative devices or helping to install handicap apparatus.

Because of the Valentine Plunge donations received, we have been able to assist PALS across the country.

Mail Donations to:
PO Box 494
Manasquan, New Jersey 08736